The taste of Easter

Easter brought the occasion for cheese trader Zijerveld to inspire their customers and to support them with the sales of their cheese. For this reason we created Zijerveld’s Easter special.

A magazine especially for cheese retailers featuring inspiration, tips and delicious recipes with cheese. Every moments of the day is covered: breakfast, lunch, dinner, cheese platters and easy-to-make snacks. The Easter special helps retailers to inspire their customers for every moment of the day and to enjoy what cheese has to offer, together with their family and friends.

Creating such a publication asks a lot when it comes to production and content. First, we determined the concept by choosing for ‘The taste of Easter’. We wrote most of the copy and did the design.
Next step was to define the food photography, where we took care of the styling and making sure all dishes and platters were photographed just as we had in mind. This means keeping a sharp eye on colour composition, props and overall setting.

All this resulted in a beautiful glossy filled with colourful photo’s, delicious recipes and surprising combinations with cheese. What to think of cheese accompanied by coffee or tea? Also delightful when Easter is off the calendar. We wish you lots of tasty insights!

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