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The year 2019 meant a whole lot of changes for technical wholesale company Zanten. Like moving to a new, sustainable headquarter with a distribution center that matches Zanten’s philosophy. A change in mindset and new developments in the field demanded a distinctive and relevant market positioning, including a strong improvement in all communication. 

Our challenge was to transform Zanten from a regular dealer in MRO and OEM to a modern-day industrial partner. Functional promises therein remain essential, with a strategic difference that involves an emotional promise. 

Together with Zanten, we claimed a strategic domain that not only makes it more relevant, but also delivers a strong distinction in positioning the organisation. This domain is substantiated by a strong, new brandstory, a catchy pay-off and with a clear connection to Zanten’s six functional guaranties. 

All this results in a cool and original appearance where we sharpen the visual style, clearly present in many Zanten outings. Take a look, for example, at the huge visuals decorating the office walls, or the freshly stickered car park. Last but not least is the cherry on the cake: we worked on a brand new video that captures Zanten’s philosophy in a strong and inspiring way. 

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