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Udea is the wholesale, brand company, import & export of biological provisions and franchise holder of the biological supermarket formula Ekoplaza. The company sees a challenge in finding adequate staff. Several competing, large distribution centers in the Veghel food region give extra pressure on the job market. In order to recruit new staff, there’s a strong need to make a powerful difference.

We managed this by creating a unique position and to stimulate and appeal to the target group in a distinctive way.

While developing the new concept for Udea’s employer branding, we kept two strong characteristics of the company in mind: short internal lines and the space for personal development. We discovered that Udea employees are generally satisfied with the personal touch within the organisation. Where at a competitor one could feel being treated like ‘a number’, this is not the case at Udea. No numbers, but people first. Including surnames and matching faces. This personal approach became the core of the concept: we put the current employees up front to show new colleagues the team that welcomes them.  

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