Cheeses along the Tour de France

All eyes on France during the great cycling tournament Tour de France. The country, with its many types of landscapes, flourishes in a wide variety of popular cheeses in the most diverse flavours and types. A great occasion for cheese manufacturer / wholesale company Zijerveld to put the spotlights on a special selection of French cheeses from along the route of the Tour de France, available at classic retail and Sligro. 

To embody this as a unity, we developed ‘Tour de Kaas’ – or ‘Tour de Cheese’ – a concept with an attractive look and feel and tone of voice. Colourful POS-materials like shop flags, product cards or counter signings helped the campaign come to life in cheese stores nationwide, encouraging consumers to discover the most delicious French cheeses and even get a chance to win a cool retro bike. 

The campaign got enthusiastically embraced by retailers, resulting in many ‘Tour de Kaas’ posts on social media and participants of the bike contest. 

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