The campaign for international help is for the Dutch Red Cross the biggest and most important one during the year. Subject for 2019 is ‘mother/child’, giving specific attention to mothers and pregnant women in areas struck by emergencies.

The concept we developed anticipates the loss of a mother, leading to a hopeless existence for children that are left behind. An existence without a mother (Dutch: moeder) is in conflict areas despondent (Dutch: moedeloos), leading to the Dutch wordplay ‘moede(r)loos’.

‘Moede(r)loos’ forms the basis in all kinds of communication, where the photo’s show actual emergency situations.

The campaign saw a wide range of outings such as posters, ads in national newspapers, online banners and a Markplaats take-over.

We also wrote the corresponding radio spot, recorded with Red Cross ambassadress and national celebrity Irene Moors. This commercial was widely broadcasted on several Dutch radio stations.

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