Red Cross ‘We Can Be Heroes in concert’

‘We Can Be Heroes in concert’ is a new funding concept by the Dutch Red Cross. It is a full evening’s program, to be held in Rotterdam Ahoy, featuring several Dutch top artists playing their greatest hits while being accompanied by their favourite street-musician. The line-up consists of Anouk, Waylon, Wulf and others. The concert allows the Red Cross to emphasise that anybody could be a hero and that we can all offer a helping hand once in a while.


WIM sets for the campaign, aiming to create awareness for the mission of the Red Cross – where everybody must / want help each other when necessary – as well as selling as many tickets as possible for ‘We Can Be Heroes’.

To achieve this, we developed a visual device, plus a visual style to be applied on all outings. This to encourage a uniform appearance, applied on concert posters, ads and social media.

Hero Combo

Because attending a concert is better when together with someone else – but especially because we have someone to support, just like the participating artists do – there’s the so called buddy ticket. This one comes under the name ‘Hero Combo Ticket’. Use it to surprise somebody or give a little help, to enjoy ‘We can be heroes’ together!

‘We Can Be Heroes’, 29 May 2020 in Rotterdam Ahoy. See for details and tickets.

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