The power of contractors

Mekano helps self-employed technicians connecting with big (inter)national clients. Mekano’s self-employed are all entrepreneurs who are ambitious and want to get ahead in their profession. They are critical and very much involved. When you want to help them getting further, you have to be enterprising yourself. Not by taking place at their chairs, but by helping them gaining the right and enough challenges. Mekano is enterprising when it comes to getting self-employees work.

Mekano’s website is the first place where the brand concept ‘Enterprising with entrepreneurs’ comes to life. We put the self-employed persons in the spotlight by ‘framing’ them into the cadre that corresponds with Mekano’s logo. A frame that adds power and lifts the person from the background, as they do in real life.

By constructing the cadre with light projection and tape into a genuine decor, we realise a unique visual language. Only with the right perspective you are able to see the perfect frame.

Work that works