Next level performance

Lenco Sun Control is an authority within the Netherlands when it comes to structural and defining elements in sun control. Due to changes through time in the market, Lenco had a strong desire to distinguish themselves from its competitors. 

First, we took a good look at Lenco’s target audience. Wether an architect, contractor, sales representative or technician: everybody wants to reach a higher level. Something not completely unreachable, but still not a position you’ll get easily, we thought. 

To position Lenco as the specialist for B2B, we developed ‘Next level performance’. With ‘Next level performance’ Lenco takes projects to the desired next level, whilst giving their customers full control of a healthy, comfortable and energy saving indoor climate. Within this cadre we introduced a new brand story and an original visual style where the photography really speaks to mind. Delivering a unique performance at high level comes to live plays a key role in several outings, like online or in a new brochure. 

Work that works