Hendriks Coppelmans

As a construction company, Hendriks Coppelmans endeavours to make living great. They consider living as a key essence to a vital and sustainable society. Great living is a fundamental right for every human being. Living becomes great. How? By going further. 


By ‘going further’ we aim at what distinguishes Hendriks Coppelmans from other companies. Yesterday’s greatness can be obsolete by tomorrow. Reason for Hendriks Coppelmans to go further: further than we know, further than others. That’s what creates great living. This idea led to a strategy based on three pillars, containing the proposition and activities of Hendriks Coppelmans. 


The core of the concept is formed by the end users of Hendriks Coppelmans. In order to pick matching faces, we selected a cross section from society and had it captured by well-known photographer Martin Hoogeboom. 

Each pillar has its own key visual, showing different residents in their own trusted environment. Together with the core idea, these key visuals form the starting point for all further communication by Hendriks Coppelmans.  

We developed the strategy and concept, and worked on the entire communication rollout.   

Work that works