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Since 2014 Koflexwerk has been building on the right connection between flexworkers and various clients. SRV Transportdiensten joins in 2015, with IBC Personeelsdiensten doing the same in 2019.

Three organisations under one roof means a lot of overlap and distinction in activities. Digital processes, a change in legislations and moving into a new head office led to choose for a new brand name.

By joining forces, the organisation brings a new, strong brand into the field. It is of great essence to position this ambitious player with a strong name and distinctive, own style. This is how we developed Feel Flex. A name of international stature, easy to remember and a positive expression. With Feel Flex we mean to feel at ease, being yourself and a high level of flexibility. It refers to freedom and gives a positive connection to temporary work, while it’s a modern and common expression at the same time.


Not only did we come up with the new name, we also ran the complete positioning of Feel Flex. Therefor we wrote a new brandstory, designed the logo and went to work on the new visual style.
We also contributed in all further communication towards internal personnel, flex workers and the audience in general.

Last but not least, we designed the website and made sure everything on and off screen was working properly. So that also Feel Flex knows: everything is working, no need to worry.


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