DSM. Enabling better food for everyone.

Royal DSM is globally active in health, food and sustainable living. In the Netherlands, DSM ’s activities are focussed around high-class production facilities, supporting services and unique competencies and facilities for research and development. DSM works on and develops social solutions in food and materials that find their way around the world.

The encouragement of sustainable beer brewing is one of the many commitments of the company. After all, we all like to enjoy a good beer. A growing beer consumption leads to a bigger demand for raw materials and resources. DSM’s portfolio of enzymes for beer brewing enables brewers worldwide to deliver the same quality of their beer, while saving on water and energy. If all brewers worldwide would use these enzymes, we’d be saving enough to hold 210 Oktoberfests!

We were assigned to capture this into a strong communication concept that convinces brewers on a global scale to team up with DSM. We applied our inventive simplicity to promote their enzymes portfolio and to position DSM as the partner of choice for brewers. The concept we developed saw its elaboration in several visuals, brochure, infographics and an event booth.


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