Minimal budget, maximum impact

BrainWash wants to give a happy hair day to everybody, every day. Not only by delivering swift and excellent hairdressing, but also by giving people a good feeling that lasts. This is what we call a ‘Happy Hair Day’. In order to give weight to this brand concept, we developed a low-budget brand activation wherein we have an emotional connection with customers. 

Would you donate your hair spontaneously for charity? Together with TV-host Gwen van Poorten we went looking for the answer to this question. In Rotterdam, we found five heroes prepared to donate their long hair. The video recap has been viewed over 500K times through both Gwen’s and BrainWash’ social channels. 

The real result came from the branches, with more than 300 donations for the Dutch Haarstichting. Even today people still visit BrainWash to donate their hair. That’s the result that really counts. 


Extra activation: BrainWash participated during the Red Head Event in Breda, an event all about gingers that attracts over 40.000 visitors. Brainwash provided them with free styling or hair cutting treatments, with the result captured on video for social media. 


Work that works