Guidance on the road to justice

To be stuck in an awkward situation that’s compiled with danger, difficult choices and complicated routes. That’s how you feel when you have to deal with a defaulter. Injustice that you want to get rid of immediately. Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers believes in the power of justice. As an renowned family business with a modern spirit they help clients worldwide with national and international debt collection matters, so clients can stay focussed on their entrepreneurship. 

WIM translated Bierens’ core ideology to a new brand concept and visual identity. The labyrinth functions as a metaphor: a complex environment that captures the client, with Bierens as the guide that knows the fastest way out to pursue justice. This shows that Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers always knows how to find solutions in difficult debt collection situations. 

By using the existing color spectrum and giving the logo a subtile update, the firm keeps its authenticity. The renewed identity distinguishes the brand on an international level. Besides this upgrade we produced several unique new visuals that are a combination of model photography and 3D visual design. 

Work that works