Comfort zone

Let’s talk about your comfort zone. How often are you challenged to step out of it? Sometimes it is necessary, for example when you want to achieve certain goals. But sometimes it is just as important to stay in your comfort zone: to cherish your comfort and be exactly who you are. ATAG thinks you have the right for maximum comfort. That while being at home, you always enjoy the pleasure of the right indoor temperature and are provided with enough warm water. That is your comfort zone. Wether you stay there together with six cats, cherish your special collection of vinyl records or simply devour numerous books in your lazy chair.

ATAG enables comfort zones. These are very personal and has a different meaning to anyone of us. That is why we at WIM developed a campaign with outings in several ways, all individually expressing different comfort zone stories. Wherein characteristic people give meaning to their comfort zone in their own special way.

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