It is time for
inventive simplicity.

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We are WIM.

A creative agency that rather chooses to be smart and simple. We notice that the world around us becomes more complicated. Each day, there are more choices and options increase by the minute. It is time for inventive simplicity.

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Our approach
is simple.

WIM stands for clear, strategic choices and creative ideas to connect brands with people. Effective campaigns that work, in all their simplicity. You have to admit it: it is way too easy to think difficult.

Looking for online solutions?

For all your online activities, do visit WIM Online. There’s where we are specialised in internet marketing in it’s broadest sense. Our smart marketing strategies and appealing concepts will turn all your online activities into a vast success. We are ready for you.

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Geknipt voor het goede doel


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We believe that inventive simplicity can help any brand to move forward. Curious how? Please feel free to contact us. Just call Edwin van den Boom on +31 413 34 12 99 or send an email to

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